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Some things have changed.

But not the most important things.


Now that we live in a time of wireless connections and Internet social networking, things have changed. The old country hardware store is hardly mentioned anymore. But the same concept of the community store is alive and well. We just do it faster than they did back then.


Country stores were an important part of both town and rural life. It was here that purchases of all kinds were made, from clothes to seeds to books. Country stores also served as the social center in those days in many ways, with customers catching up on the latest news or gossip, old men playing checkers, neighbors stopping by to drink a soda. Patrons could pick up their mail and goods, meet new neighbors, get informed about the latest news and buy hardware and goods all in one visit.


Farmers and town folks came from all directions every day to get farm supplies.  On stormy days in winter there was always a crowd of men and boys around the old potbellied stove, with their horses and wagons tied to the old hitching rail in front of the store.

The country store was the center of community life in the days before the coming of the automobiles, and supplied nearly all the needs of the people for miles around.


Well a lot has changed since those days. But at Howard’s Ace Hardware, there are some things that have not changed at all. Friendly faces, a smile, the latest neighborhood news, and best of all a helping hand with your projects. Yes, Howard’s Ace Hardware is still “Your Community Store”.


That’s why we have created this new innovative, unique website that integrates a social networking platform with our store. So we can still carry on a sense of community using the tools that we are used to working with today.


We know you will enjoy our new site.

Thank You.



Even though the old country hardware store is long gone in the past, one thing still remains. We still have communities, we still love to share, socialize, create, build and repair. We just do it differently.

That’s why we created this unique and innovative website where you can conveniently interact with our store and, all your friends and neighbors at the same time. We know you’re going to love our new site.

"The Old Country Store" by Frank Hohenberger, 1950. Courtesy, The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

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